water security

“Technology is available to solve our current water crisis. The key ingredient is action.”

Peter Rogers¹


THE Challenge

Growing demand for water, increasing pollution, and poor treatment systems are making water scarcity a global reality - over 1 in 4 now lack access to safe drinking water.²


THE Solution

Sustainable water management - through efficient water use and treatment - offers a clear opportunity to mitigate this water crisis. 

Image by KOBU Agency

The market opportunity

Sustainable water management is expected to be a $1 trillion investment opportunity by 2025,¹ with every $1 invested returning almost $7 on average.¹


investment areas

Through our Systems-Based Investment approach, we consider investments throughout the water supply value chain:


Breakthrough Opportunities

Drashta unlocks access to game-changing solutions.

Industry-leading wastewater treatment

A patented, automated and biology-free wastewater treatment technology, enabling over 90% water recovery from the food and beverage industry while generating renewable energy.


Proprietary water desalination and industrial wastewater treatment technology, using low temperature evaporation to convert seawater to pure water at a 98% conversion rate, without chemicals or filters.

Atmospheric water generation

A unique solar and air panel that produces drinkable water from the atmosphere, generating 4-10 litres per day.



Investing in Water Security contributes towards 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals:

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