“Using less of the Earth’s resources more efficiently and productively in a circular economy [is a] defining feature of the emerging economic paradigm.” 

Jeremy Rifkin¹


THE Challenge

Our traditional ‘take-make-waste’ consumption model is placing unprecedented strain on our planet’s resources.


Left unchecked, we are heading towards catastrophic climate change and ecosystem damage.


THE Solution

Sustainable consumption and the circular economy offer us the chance to revolutionise our resource use.


By minimising raw materials,  optimising product lifespan, and re-using or recycling at the end of a product's life, we can help eliminate almost half of the necessary global carbon dioxide emissions reductions by 2050,⁹ as well as ensuring resources are available for future generations.


The market opportunity

Sustainable consumption and the circular economy offer a $2 trillion investment opportunity, combining groundbreaking impact with attractive financial returns.


investment areas

Our Systems-Based Investment approach spans the product lifecycle, from reducing raw materials at production to extracting value from waste.


Breakthrough Opportunities

Drashta unlocks access to game-changing solutions.


carbon capture

A proprietary chemical-based technology that requires significantly less heat, energy and capital cost to capture carbon compared to best-in-class alternatives.


modular recycling

An innovative system to process mixed plastic waste back into valuable resources while generating energy, offering superior CO₂ and energy balance vs standard systems.

Pioneering plastic-free vending machine

High-capacity robotic vending machine dispensing only 100% compostable bottled drinks, reducing plastic waste and aiming to revolutionize the bottled water industry.



Investing in Circular Economy & Sustainable Consumption contributes towards 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals:

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