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Increased Flexibility

Alongside risk, the lack of liquidity of private investments is one of the key pain points impact investors face. Drashta is positioned to provide liquidity access via a regulated exchange, offering investors an option to exit both new and existing impact allocations.

Liquidity as Risk Mitigation

Beyond additional flexibility, access to liquidity also further de-risks investment allocations. Rather than being invested until the underlying investment experiences a liquidity event, access to liquidity uniquely enables investors to fund high-impact opportunities without long-term risk exposure. 

Liquidity as an Impact Multiplier

Capital allocations to impactful investments create impact only at the moment the allocation is made. Aside from the active involvement of investors, whether the capital is invested for 1 year or 10 years, the impact of the initial allocation is the same.

Access to liquidity empowers catalytic investors to multiply the impact of their capital by regularly recycling their capital into new opportunities. For example, accessing liquidity on average 1-2 years after helping close a funding round can enable investors to fund 5-10x more impact opportunities over a 10 year term compared to allocating and holding. 

Impact Multiplier 10.PNG
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