“Moving forward, all investment decisions should be assessed on the basis of their potential to dramatically accelerate the structural shift towards an inclusive low-carbon economy.” 

International Renewable Energy Agency¹


THE Challenge

If we don’t break our current reliance on fossil fuels for energy, we’re on track for global warming of 2 degrees by 2050² - with devastating environmental and financial consequences.


THE Solution

Accelerating the transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency will significantly reduce carbon emissions and keep us on track for 1.5 degrees of warming - avoiding the worst effects of global climate change. 

Image by Andreas Gücklhorn

The market opportunity

Renewable energy is a $27 trillion investment opportunity to 2050,¹ returning $3-8 per dollar invested¹ and significantly outperforming fossil fuel portfolios.



investment areas

Our Systems-Based Investment approach spans the entire renewable energy value chain: from generation, transport and storage, to increasing efficiency and stimulating demand from new clean-energy applications, such as transport.


Breakthrough Opportunities

Drashta unlocks access to game-changing solutions.

Innovative flexible solar film

Unique flexible solar film substantially cheaper than existing solar solutions, opening up a range of new solar applications.

Efficient floating wind farm solution

Patented offshore floating wind farm technology, providing a 70% increase in installed capacity in a given site area.

Predictive analytics for EV infrastructure

Proprietary spatial data analytics software using machine-learning to optimise investments in EV charging stations.



Investing in Clean & Efficient Energy contributes towards 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals:

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