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Drashta's solution enhances your impact investment approach across the board, providing a range of compelling benefits.

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1. Co-invest Alongside Leading Impact Investors

Investors applying Drashta's tool to impact allocations will usually not fill the entire round themselves. This provides the unique opportunity to allocate alongside leading global impact investors into doubly-vetted investments. 

2. Fully Aligned Partner

Drashta is not a broker or advisor that charges transaction or service fees. We only profit when the target investment performs well, making us a fully aligned long-term partner for investors. 

3. Tailored Downside Protection

Tailored downside protection enables allocations to be made that would otherwise be considered too risky, as well as allowing for larger allocations to opportunities that were already planned.

4. Additional Layer of Due Diligence 

Drashta undertakes its own due diligence on each opportunity. This provides investors with additional insights as well as potentially helping to avoid investment pitfalls. 

5. Streamlined Investing

Once investors have allocated to a specific opportunity through Drashta's solution, this can be replicated for other target investments on an ongoing basis. 


Investors are able to customise the allocation to achieve the optimal blend of downside protection and upside participation.

7. Increased Impact

Applying Drashta's de-risking tool catalyses additional capital for impactful investments, over time, resulting in a greater overall impact compared to a direct investment. 

8. Standardised Impact Reporting

Drashta undertakes impact measurement and reporting through a standardised methodology, providing investors with an impact report for simpler comparison and benchmarking.

9. Access to Deal Flow

In addition to being able to allocate to opportunities you have already sourced more securely and impactfully, Drashta can provide an ongoing stream of vetted, high-impact deal flow. 

10. Joining an impact ecosystem

Allocating through Drashta's solution enables you to join a collaborative ecosystem of aligned global impact investors. This also opens up a range of partnership opportunities to help scale solutions into new global markets.

11. Bespoke Impact Strategies

Drashta can develop bespoke impact investment strategies across specific themes, sectors or geographies using our de-risking methodology and systems-based investment approach.

12. Increased Liquidity

Drashta provides investors with access to additional liquidity options. This is of particular value for funds with long investment terms as well as growth equity investments with no pre-defined exit dates.

13. Post Investment Support

Drashta actively supports companies and funds post-investment to further enhance their impact creation and financial return. .

14. Fully Managed Solution

Drashta provides a completely hands-off solution, managing the ongoing relationship and engagement with the underlying investment. 

15. Flexible Capital Mobilisation

Beyond simply making a cash allocation, Drashta can also enable investors to allocate using their existing assets (without having to liquidate them) as well as by providing a guarantee.

16. Flexible Structuring

Drashta can implement a number of structures across multiple jurisdictions, which may provide certain investors with a more favourable allocation option compared to allocating directly.

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17. Investment Insights

Drashta provides investors and partners with key insights around specific opportunities as well as broader market trends to enable better-informed investment decisions.

18. Increased AccessibilitY

While the minimum investment requirement for institutional-grade opportunities may preclude some investors from participating, Drashta’s solution can accommodate smaller allocations.

19. No deductions or Maintenance feeS

100% of the capital allocated through Drashta’s solution will flow through to the project with no initial or maintenance fees charged by Drashta.


In addition to the benefits to investors, allocations through Drashta also provide distinct benefits for investee funds and companies. Click on the links below to learn more. 

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