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Webinar Series

Decoupling Investment Risk from Impact

Session: Accelerating Water Solutions
In discussion with Burnt Island Ventures

Thursday, 16th September 2021

15:30-16:30 London  |   10:30-11:30 New York   |   07:30-08:30 San Francisco

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Climate change is water change. It is the medium through which we will feel the effects of a warming earth. It is our responsibility to manage Earth’s most precious resource, now more than ever. 


Drashta Impact and Burnt Island Ventures will be hosting a session to introduce an opportunity to address global water challenges through a de-risked approach.

Session Topics

  1. How Drashta is collaborating with Burnt Island Ventures to mobilise capital more efficiently and support their portfolio companies' expansion into new markets

  2. Outline of Drashta's risk mitigation overlay and how it enables investors to allocate to impact solutions securely, breaking down the key barriers to impact investing

  3. Challenges and opportunities investing in water solutions

  4. Showcase of specific breakthrough water solutions and their impact potential

Featured SpeakerS

Milti Chryssavgis

CEO & Founder

Drashta Impact

Tom Ferguson.jpg

Tom Ferguson

Managing Partner

Burnt Island Ventures

Nicholas Parker

Drashta Impact

About Drashta ImpacT

Drashta Impact de-risks impact investing to mobilise capital and accelerate solutions at the scale and pace needed to solve the climate crisis. While awareness of this existential threat has never been greater, a significant funding shortfall still remains to accelerate solutions, with risk being the primary bottleneck.


Drashta's risk mitigation overlay enables investors to be part of the solution by providing a secure, collaborative way to invest impactfully with the level of downside protection they require to move forward with complete assurance.

About Burnt Island Ventures

We are at a turning point. From the wildfires of the Western US to flooding in Niger, climate change is here. Water resources across the world will be under increasing stress as the world warms. Products and services that allow individuals, governments and companies to navigate this change will see more and more demand.


Entrepreneurs are emerging with the skill and insight to meet that demand, developing solutions to water problems at scale. Burnt Island Ventures is a San Francisco-based firm that exists to find, fund and support the best of these founders.

Event Details

Zoom Webinar

Thursday, 16th September 2021

15:30-16:30 - London

10:30-11:30 - New York

07:30-08:30 - San Francisco

22:30-23:30 - Singapore

18:30-19:30 - Dubai

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