we empower investors to create more impacT

Through our collaborative approach and innovative models, Drashta enables purpose-driven investors to create more impact with lower risk.



Additional layers of impact created through a collaborative and systems-based approach.

reduced risk

​Drashta's structure and Capital Preservation Model can provide downside protection for any risk appetite.

fixed rate returns

The simplicity of fixed rate returns with capital protection. 

co-investment opportunities

Direct access to unique investment opportunities with full equity upside. 

Layers of impact enhancement and downside protection

Allocating to the same underlying opportunity through Drashta is more impactful and lower risk as a result of our collaborative approach and self-reinforcing structure. 

greater IMPACT

Comprehensive Ecosystem Support

Drashta actively supports each investment and helps them scale into new markets, with the backing of our diverse and wide spectrum of Ecosystem partners. 


lower risk

Consistent Operational Support

With the backing and active support of Drashta and its Ecosystem, each investment has a higher probability of success and the ability to overcome operational challenges smoothly.

greater IMPACT

Portfolio Synergies


Our Systems-Based Investment approach allows us to leverage synergies between individual investments and accelerates the market adoption of proven solutions.

Portfolio level

lower risk

Tactical Diversification

Diversification across sectors, geographies and asset classes in addition to investing across the value chain diversify unsystematic risks.


Portfolio synergies between investments also strengthen performance further.

greater IMPACT

Reinvestment of profits


As a permanent capital vehicle, Drashta reinvests 100% of net profits above the fixed rate of return into impactful investments, creating additional impact.

Impact Multiplier

Beyond the direct impact investors create through their allocation, they enable further capital to flow through Drashta by strengthening the Ecosystem and collective asset base.

Network Effect

Exponentially increased potential synergies between investments by cultivating connections across portfolios.

Permanent capital vehicle

lower risk



With net profits retained and reinvested, a capital buffer is created to protect against the unlikely event that an individual portfolio experiences a shortfall. As a result of this self-reinforcing model, every additional investment made strengthens Drashta’s position. 



As a result of the self-reinforcing model, investing through Drashta enables additional funding to be unlocked, further strengthening the overall structure. 

Further Diversification


An additional layer of diversification across portfolios.

greater IMPACT

Larger Impact Allocations

Investors are able to significantly increase their impact investment allocation without exceeding their risk limits or breaching their fiduciary duties.

Capital preservation model

lower risk

Additional Downside Protection


Capital protection that can be tailored to any risk appetite enables more investors to invest with impact. Every additional investment through Drashta reinforces the overall structure and further reduces risk for all investors.