we empower investors to create more impacT with reduced risk

Growing awareness around sustainability issues has sparked increased investor interest in impact investing. The most impactful and catalytic opportunities however typically involve a level of risk that prevents most investors from allocating a significant amount of capital.


Drashta's unique proposition transforms the risk profile of impact investments allowing investors to allocate to those same opportunities with full downside protection. This enables investors to create catalytic impact with secure fixed returns, tailored to their risk appetite and return objectives. 

We engage with investors in three core ways:

1 - De-risking target investments

We enable investors to allocate to opportunities they have already identified with reduced risk and increased impact.


We provide investors the ability to allocate to highly impactful opportunities vetted by Drashta, with full downside protection.

3 - Existing impact holdings

We enable additional impact creation from existing impact holdings, while either reducing the risk or enhancing returns.


We also offer the following distinct benefits for purpose-driven investors:

  • Increased impact compared to allocating directly

  • Increased access to liquidity

  • Streamlined impact investing, with the ability to use the same de-risking proposition across multiple impact opportunities

  • Additional due diligence and insights on target opportunities

  • Standardised impact measurement and reporting across investments

  • Bespoke impact strategy creation within specific themes